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    AutoDiagCart can now help you do EVERYTHING!! VAG, Mercedes, Ford, Mazda, Toyota! YES that means coding and programming as well as SCN coding for Mercedes ! VAS SVM/GeKo (in the USA). 
    With the new breakthroughs, the iScan II WT offers what NO OTHER SCAN TOOL CAN. With iScan II WT IMS-2(Interface Module Simulation).

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    Make a choice

    Unlike many competitors we offer an assortment of different scanners that we have learned through experience are the best in the industry.  We can help you configure a diagnostic suite that works best for your shop.
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    Our customers depend on us when they have a car down. We are the first people they call before reaching out to distributor Technical Support!


    Phone call away

    Because of the shop environment sometime's a cable / scanner can become damaged because of accidents / misuse. We almost always have back-ups for our scan tools so that we can personally ship it next day or normal depending on your situation. If you have a job waiting on the scanner we can get you up and running the next day while we handle the communication with the distributor.

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VAG-COM by Ross-Tech

If you work on Volkswagen / Audi and don't have a VAG-COM in your shop, you are missing out on the best diagnostic tool for your money !


Bill Frames
We started working with AutoDiagCart in August 2012. Paul and his son Tyler have always been great. Calls are quickly returned. Their tech support is the best. The i Scan II WT and the diagnostic laptop is one of the best purchases we have made.