i Scan-II WT

The i Scan-II WT diagnostic system delivers dealer level capabilities and coverage on 40 brands. J 2534 menu choice is not on any other scanner. Visit     To see the new i Scan 3 

  • Handheld Diagnostic and "on board" J 2534
  • Coverage for 40 brands of European, Asian and Domestic
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Extensive Coding and Programming capabilities
  • Bluetooth Capability
  • Was Autoland’s Top Diagnostic Tool
    • IMS2 (Interface Module Simulation)iScan II WT Brochure
    • IMS-ODIS emulates 5054A
    • IMS-Porsche emulates PIWIS I & II
    • IMS-BMW emulates GT1
    • IMS-BMW emulates ICOM
    • IMS-MB emulates C3
    • IMS-MB emulates C4
    • IMS-Jaguar Land Rover emulates VCM
    • IMS-Volvo emulates dice 
    • IMS-Toyota Techstream emulates Mongoose
    • IMS-GM emulates MDI GDS cars only
    • IMS-Ford emulates VCM I                                                                                 i Scan II WT Brochure
  • e I-Scan is included for 1 year
  • Update access 22 months
  • BMW CIP functions in the hand held device
  • Coverage of all modules, PCM, TCM, ABS, SRS, SAS, CCM, BCM, PSS, RHC, TPMS
  • Functions include Read, Clear, Data Stream, Activation's, Adaptation and Coding and Programming as well as easy Service Resets
  • Programs some Keys
  • Single module programming all modules BMW F series OFFLINE
  • Single module programming 2007-> modules BMW E series OFFLINE
  • Pull MB programming with SCN from old conductor plate transfer to new!
  • Programs commonly replaced modules OFFLINE for Ford & Mazda
  • Programs OFFLINE Porsche Cayenne DME
  • Quickly Calibrate Steering Angle Sensors
  • VIN rewrite for used modules
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor ID registration
  • Idle Learn
  • three year hardware warranty
  • Includes BMW e-Net cable
  • J-2534 for Ford, Honda, Toyota, JLR, Volvo is a simple menu choice






 i Scan II WT Package Options 

Trade-In's are available towards the FULL package.

i Scan 2 WT OBD I & II -  Scan tool w/ J2534, 2 YUP $5990
i Scan 2 WT OBD I only - Scan Tool + J2534, 2 YUP $5490


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Dan & Dustin
We met Paul and his son Tyler when we bought Al's Autohaus from Al in 2013. Paul has helped Al for many years. We traded in the VeDis and got a great deal on the i Scan. Paul has been very helpful in keeping up with our main brand, Mercedes Benz. Call him, you will see.