iScan II WT

i Scan-II WT

The i Scan-II WT diagnostic system delivers dealer level capabilities and coverage on 40 brands. J 2534 menu choice is not on any other scanner. Visit     To see the new i Scan 3 

  • Handheld Diagnostic and "on board" J 2534
  • Coverage for 40 brands of European, Asian and Domestic
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Extensive Coding and Programming capabilities
  • Bluetooth Capability
  • Was Autoland’s Top Diagnostic Tool
    • IMS2 (Interface Module Simulation)iScan II WT Brochure
    • IMS-ODIS emulates 5054A
    • IMS-Porsche emulates PIWIS I & II
    • IMS-BMW emulates GT1
    • IMS-BMW emulates ICOM
    • IMS-MB emulates C3
    • IMS-MB emulates C4
    • IMS-Jaguar Land Rover emulates VCM
    • IMS-Volvo emulates dice 
    • IMS-Toyota Techstream emulates Mongoose
    • IMS-GM emulates MDI GDS cars only
    • IMS-Ford emulates VCM I                                                                                 i Scan II WT Brochure
  • e I-Scan is included for 1 year
  • Update access 22 months
  • BMW CIP functions in the hand held device
  • Coverage of all modules, PCM, TCM, ABS, SRS, SAS, CCM, BCM, PSS, RHC, TPMS
  • Functions include Read, Clear, Data Stream, Activation's, Adaptation and Coding and Programming as well as easy Service Resets
  • Programs some Keys
  • Single module programming all modules BMW F series OFFLINE
  • Single module programming 2007-> modules BMW E series OFFLINE
  • Pull MB programming with SCN from old conductor plate transfer to new!
  • Programs commonly replaced modules OFFLINE for Ford & Mazda
  • Programs OFFLINE Porsche Cayenne DME
  • Quickly Calibrate Steering Angle Sensors
  • VIN rewrite for used modules
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor ID registration
  • Idle Learn
  • three year hardware warranty
  • Includes BMW e-Net cable
  • J-2534 for Ford, Honda, Toyota, JLR, Volvo is a simple menu choice






 i Scan II WT Package Options 

Trade-In's are available towards the FULL package.

i Scan 2 WT OBD I & II -  Scan tool w/ J2534, 2 YUP $5990
i Scan 2 WT OBD I only - Scan Tool + J2534, 2 YUP $5490


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