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    AutoDiagCart can now help you do EVERYTHING!! VAG, Mercedes, Ford, Mazda, Toyota! YES that means coding and programming as well as SCN coding for Mercedes ! VAS SVM/GeKo (in the USA). 
    -We have been helping auto repair shops for thirty + years!
    -OEM full package, J-2534 and PC, or after market tools, what is right for you?

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    We monitor the evolution of OEM websites, and new products and services.
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    Tech Support


    Our customers depend on us when they have a car down. We are the first people they call before reaching out to distributor Technical Support!

    -We actually answer calls!

    -Regular hours and Nights, weekends, Holidays.

    -We will help with scanner updates.

    -Replacement parts.

    -Service resets.

    -Software installations.

    -Diagnostic procedures.

    -Industry updates.

    -You name it! We will try to help.




    We won't stop working your project until you are satisfied.


Current Laptop's 

Dell e-6420 i7     Dell E-6420 i7, HDD is 2 T, will run up to 8GB's of DDR4 RAM 4 in stock


Dell E5510 is our most popular laptop, 1-2 terabyte Seagate Semi Solid State Hard Drive, 8Gbs of DDR3 ram, Windows 7 or 10. 

Native serial port, supports Win XP, 7 and 10 15 in stock







The Dell E5500 is coming back in stock as we upgrade our customers! A great choice for VCDS or older less demanding software's! Call and check to see what we have in stock! Used from $100 4 in stock







CF-72 is a Toughbook. The last one that we have! Free with VCDS pro kit!

Financing is a click away!




VAG-COM by Ross-Tech

If you work on Volkswagen / Audi and don't have a VAG-COM in your shop, you are missing out on the best diagnostic tool for your money !


We have had great results with the VCDS laptop that Paul sold us almost 10 years ago now. VCDS is the very best, and Paul @ Automotive Diagnostic Solutions is a great supplier. I wish all brands had a VCDS type software for them to use!