Hubwerks new product release in Oakland, CA

Automotive Diagnostic Solutions had Tyler and Paul out to Oakland California last week for the “new product” launch of Dan Hubbards, Hubwerks! We are very excited to be representing the Total Lifting Solutions DC-TruTec2020-Pro aligner. This 20K system “blows away” the competitors racks that run closer to 30K! So don’t go “Huntering” around for an aligner that is not very different than what they offered 10-15 years ago, call us and lets get the ball rolling!

No Wheel clamps!

We also met with with Gary Palmer, Managing Director of Beissbarth GMBH,  and Danilo Nava the Global OEM Manager. The HUBWERKS T-16 by Beissbarth is another giant leap forward in Touchless Technology, improved by using 16,000 known coordinates of laser dots. The T-16 is able to project and blanket the tire with a target of 4,000 lasers dots per wheel using a type of diffuser designed specifically for the Touchless giving the T-16 instant and repeatable accurate readings.

Repeatable accurate readings are what others can only hope for. We have proved this by aligning a BMW on one machine and driving 200 miles to a different Touchless and re-checking. We were within a minute of the first one. There are 60 minutes in a degree. This is unheard of with current aligners! See an article with more detail at Linkedin!

For Mercedes and Maybach with Distronic!

The TruTec2020 is the only aligner that can show Romess CM 9606 readings on your aligners display. This is the only way to calibrate this life saving system after a front end hit. The Touchless will display these values as well after the June update is released.

Post alignment steering wheel corrections are no longer needed!

How many times on a test drive have you noticed the steering wheel is off?  The Romess steering wheel aligner forever eliminates the need to re rack and re clamp! See it in use on YouTube. This measurement value is displayed on the TruTec2020 or can be seen and controlled on your mobile device and used with any alignment system.

The MS670 Center Post Leverless Tire changer and MT869 ADTP are other leading edge Beissbarth products that Hubwerks is importing to North America. Please contact Paul at 720-291-7724 or Tyler at 720-335-3092 for purchase details.

Linked in article is here!

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Volvo ViDa live tech support

We have known Ron for more than 20 years.

Ron is a Volvo Master.

He has worked with the Volvo OE software back to the Auto Diagnose days!

Then there was VADIS!

He has been using the Volvo Vida PC based diagnostic since they released it.

Call our Volvo master tech for live VIDA programming support!

Ron Jonnson @ 720-431-9817 (fee’s apply)

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I do not trust Travelers Insurance!

We all pay our premiums on time.

We were told that we had good coverage, or we would not have signed up.

One of my customers just submitted a claim after his shop was robbed.

One of the items that was stolen was his $5000 diagnostic laptop.

It was had 10 Windows installs on it.

Travelers  offered him $250, and said “Take it or leave it! That’s all we are going to cover”

Please call and ask your insurance carrier if your assets are REALLY covered.



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Land Rover SBC brake release

I did not know Land Rovers needed this until just now.

Is in the i Scan-II WT as well as the VeDis II and our newest tool, the i Scan 3!

The path is from the opening page, vehicle diagnostics, Jaguar Land Rover, pick the model series, then the engine, next page look for quick service functions! There it is!

If you do not see it in your tools menu selection, you need to run our easy update procedure in order to get it.

For i Scan II Deluxe, i Scan-II WT, or VeDis II power scanner from 110 VAC wall adapter, or battery or OBDII connected to a car, wire LAN cable to building LAN. Find the “setup” menu choice, and then “update software over Internet” option and a couple more enters and it will update.

The i Scan 3 updates and prints wirelessly, or wired, your choice.

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Used Timesert kit 5600 Ford Triton spark plug triple oversize

We got this for Scotty’s Garage in Peyton Colorado.

Scot used two each of the double oversized insert and two of the triple oversize on this on one job and then returned the kit. It worked perfectly, truck is running great.

This kit sells on Amazon for $473. Buy it now for $350.

Call Automotive Diagnostic Solutions at 720-291-7724TS 5600_

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AVDI package #1

I have two of these to sell, this is a great deal. We ordered them as a connector for the Subaru Select Monitor software.

It works well for this function, my customers were not happy with it as it would “time out” and stop working if you failed to connect to the server monthly. When that happened they would call and ask for help. Not good.

We have moved on to another connector for Subaru that has no compulsion to connect to anything but Subaru’s.

So, two AVDI basic kits and one Abrites Key Tag Tool for sale for $600 each. A good way to start with the AVDI system. Please contact us by email to


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Joke night @ AutoDiagCart!

Here is Rodney giving us all a primer on customer care! Thanks to my good friend Bruno!

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Tech support Friday, again!

Or, the answer to the question, “Why should you all be doing business with Paul and Tyler of Automotive Diagnostic Solutions?”

A great customer from Virginia asked for some help today.

Bill was needing to flash a transmission update to a Jaguar today.

His JLR SDD subscription was too far back from current. It needed to be updated.

Their updates need to be applied subsequently. He was version 143, current was 151.

It would take forever to update version by version so we un-installed 143 and loaded 150 and applied 150.1-5 updates. It was a surprise to see JLR now gets $85 a day!

Bill had not used the SDD yet so I stayed online with him to help perform the re-flash for the transmission.

While we were doing that Joe called from Weston Auto Gallery in Fort Collins, another great customer of ours.

Joe was without a service writer and trying to configure a new ISM on a GL450.

Like a lot of the modules coming from the Dealer in the last couple of years, this module had a basic programming in it and all we needed to do was configure it. We used the TeamViewer app to remote in and guide him through that job.


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Ford J-2534 Diagnostic Software

Ford J-2534 Diagnostic Software or FJDS has just come out.  It replaces Ford Module Programming Software

Thanks to LT from Woodbridge Virginia we got some experience with this system.

We used LT’s Cardaq Plus 2 as the connector, we were updating the cars current PCM to newer software.

LT had installed the current107.1 version yesterday, we chose Re-programming and the software did a full circle and offered us a previous choice. We stopped and checked for newer software, downloaded a newer version 107.3.

We started it up and chose reprogramming. Again it looped us back. No success.

We went in and chose programming and it worked fine. After programming advice was to clear all codes, we could not find a button to clear DTC’s. LT only had the one key, it started the car, he checked and cleared codes with another tool.


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Check out this FREE site!

Very cool, lot’s of good manuals.


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