USED PCM installation on a Range Rover

We worked with Diagnostic Solutions, Inc.’s Mike Almond on a Land Rover in Toronto today. Mikes customer was trying to save his customer some $$$ by installing a used pcm into this Rover. You are not supposed to be able to do that! We started on the job last night by remotely installing the most current version of the JLR SDD software to Mikes PC. He drove out to the job the next morning and we connected to his PC using Teamviewer. We clicked on the image of the key, left side of first screen on SDD showing all the modules. We then used the VIN and the seed key to generate an engineering mode login. Once that allowed us in, we ran car configuration to configure the module. We completed after programming functions and car started and ran with just one DTC left to sort out in the entertainment system!

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Hubwerks T-16 Touchless Aligner at Automechanica

Tless w 4 post

Hubwerks debuted the T-16 Touchless wheel aligner at the 2018 Automechanica in Germany. We also introduced the Easy Tread + Easy Cam quick tire tread readers. The booth was packed with interested customers until the very end! We had a lot of visitors and sold 10 units!

Come and visit us at the 2018 SEMA show, Las Vegas

South Hall Upper Floor booth #33271

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Best Autoland Scientech deal ever!

We are super excited to offer the very best trade-in deal ever.

We would like to Officially Announce the launch of our new Loyalty Program for current Autoland Scientech customers.

You might call this our 2018 AAPEX show special.

Buy the i Scan 3 with the full trade-in discount and you can keep your old tool!

For Autoland Scientech tool owners only!

So if you own an i Scan II-WT, $4850 gets you a new tool and up to three years access to updates!

If you have an i Scan II deluxe or a VeDis I or II get the NEW i Scan 3 for $5850.

If you are interested contact us immediately, deals will change January 1, 2019.

Visit us at

2018 Automechanika Frankfurt

September 11 – September 15, 2018
Messe Frankfurt GmbH Fair Ground, Germany
Booth Number: Hall 10.1, D98

We will also be at the 2018 AAPEX show in Vegas

October 30 to November 1, second floor Booth 668





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Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, or Porsche local training

We have been asked many times if we provide training.

We have been provided initial training on the factory diagnostic systems we deliver to our customers.

Local for Colorado, but not limited to!

The time has come to get some quality training that is not from World Pac’s ATI.

This will not be a multi vendor sales opportunity! (Like the ATI events)

Allow me to introduce you to Dominic Felix from Burbank CA.

Dominic and his partner run a Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi service center.

Dominic is also contracted by Autoland Scientech for vehicle repair tech support and puts on training classes.

I am thinking BMW will be first, then Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and then Audi.

Please email your interests and preferred days for training to

Calling is good. Tyler is at 720-335-3092 or Paul at 720-291-7724

We will fill in the missing details as things develop.



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Blue Auto Repair, a mobile diagnostic specialist

Willie Blue and I first worked together in April 2012. He had an i Scan II WT and someone recommended he contact me. That may have been my associate Sid Sperberg from Richmond Virginia. Willie has a very cool and smooth Southern accent that makes me feel real good every time we talk!

We agreed on a price for a diagnostic laptop with all the OE software’s on it that would connect through the i Scan II WT’s IMS package. Since then we have helped him get that system updated once and we helped him again by remotely installing the factory Nissan Consult III + software to his PC. Today we finished the job by getting him the security files and folders installed to it so now his Security button is no longer grey and unclickable!

Are you close to Little Rock and occasionally need some really incredible mobile diagnostics?

CALL WILLIE!  He will help!

Blue Auto Repair    501-912-3508
Willie C Blue
3005 S Tyler St
Little Rock, AR 72204


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The first Beissbarth Touchless aligner in USA (sold to a repair shop)

Tless w 4 post TLS scissor

The Beissbarth Touchless wheel aligner is going on a Total Lift Solutions scissor.

Both are going into Galloping Gertie’s Garage, a new European shop opening soon in Gig Harbor, WA.

To be fair, Tesla has been testing two in their Engineering department for about a year now!

Dan Hubbard owner of Hubwerks got that done.

The Tesla engineers pushed the Hunter aligner off to the side!

They refuse to use it as it cannot repeat alignment readings!

 We are the first to sell the Touchless to a repair shop.

 The Beissbarth wheel machine will be right next to it.

Come see us at SEMA second floor Booth 33271

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Campaign from Actia affects ICOM Next A


7/24/2018 10:53:12 AM
Subject: Attention ICOM A Owners: Actia Service Campaign
Actia GmbH, the manufacturer of the ICOM vehicle interface, has initiated a service campaign for certain ICOM NEXT A models. Please visit the following link to determine if your device falls under this campaign. Thank you

FROM: Actia site

Information about the current ICOM Next A – service campaign.

Of the more than 18,000 diagnostic devices we have delivered by now, only one special case was reported. This occurred under very special circumstances and extremely rare conditions. ACTIA I+ME GmbH therefore carries out a one-time service campaign in order to fulfil its duty of care. As a preventive measure, replacing the protectors including the rear panel is recommended. This is only relevant for the ICOM Next A device variant. Users of affected diagnostic devices are requested to contact ACTIA Service from July 2nd to September 24th, 2018.

Please contact ACTIA Service or your dealer immediately if this applies to your diagnostic device. After the action has been carried out, ACTIA or your partner will provide you with a corresponding certificate.

If NOT affected, you can obtain a clearance certificate.

Even if this unscheduled measure may cause you inconvenience, we hope for your understanding and your support in the completion of this project. We value your trust and hope for your continuing loyalty.

The service and warranty agreements remain unaffected by this service campaign.

Please check whether your diagnostic device is affected.



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New ISTA version, major improvements!

The new ISTA is very cool. They have made some nice changes! Files Download progress bar is up top now. Initial CAN map is no longer coloring modules with faults yellow. Careful! Programming just kinda started on its own! No key off/on instructions for technician anymore. New F series buttons allowing for replacing single modules by sucking out old codings/programs and sending to new! The new programming from ISTA saved us some time on this job. We just ran another diagnostic to check codes, without having to shut down ISTA-P and open ISTA-D! What did you all see that was new?ISTA capture

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Remote diagnostics and programming

Automotive Diagnostic Solutions is now able to remote into your shop, go through your scanner and connect to your car over the Internet if you own a VeDis II, i Scan Deluxe, WT, or a 3. We can also do it through most any J-2534 box, or factory device. No monthly payment when you do not use us.
Currently we can allow all functions on any Mercedes-Benz older than 5 of 2018. Smart, Sprinter, Maybach.
Diagnosis, programming, and configuring new modules!
We have current access to so we can run WIS and EPC as well as see all TSB’s and AKUBIS training video clips!
For BMW branded vehicles we are complete. Have been for several years now. E chassis cars require real ICOM, for MOST bus programming.
Jaguar and Land Rover is complete including security functions.
Toyota Lexus Scion all functions, no problems.
GM is very easy. All on GM.
Ford? Easy peasy.
Subaru requires purchase of special connector for Diagnostics, Flash write programming works via J-2534.
We plan to be full function on all Volkswagen Audi Group by end of year.
For Volvo we have a pay per play option with a certified Volvo mastertech.
Nissan, all programming. We can apply Consult diagnostic software if you have a factory connector.
Honda, full function.
Mazda, programming, no diagnostics, maybe in 2019.
On the brands listed below, we can apply a generic diagnostic and program via J-2534
Alfa Romeo
Dyna Truck
Isuzu cars and trucks
Mitsubishi cars and trucks
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Trade WT for i Scan 3 offers, going, going, gone!

Autoland Scientech has always offered generous trade in options for improving your current scanners.

We recently received this from Autoland Scientech USA main headquarters in Cedar Park, TX;

 We would like to notify you of upcoming changes to Trade-Ins effective January 1st, 2019.  We will maintain the current Trade-in rebate value until the end of the year.   Please prepare for the following changes listed below.

For iSCAN3 DLX and iSCAN3 Reg

  1. Trade-in with iScanII-WT, customer discount of $2000 will be lowered to $1000.
  1.  Trade-in with VeDisII & iScan-II, customer discount of $1000 will be lowered to $750.
  1. Trade-in with competitor tools, customer discount of $1000 will be lowered to $500.

     Please note, we are open to discuss the trade-in value of any competitor tools depending on their market value and research value for our engineering team.  We also welcome all inquiries, opinions and suggestions on this matter.

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