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Autel fools most shops!

Autel sells a lot of tools. Some people think they are great. They last for a year, maybe two. So you only spent 3K and then around a thousand on the update. Then they sell you another one, or another … Continue reading

IMS-MB saves the day!

I just finished a live tech support job. This Mercedes shop had a failure on a wire leading to their Mercedes-Benz multiplexor. It has been intermittent but failed for good yesterday. These things always happen on a Friday! Fortunately they … Continue reading

Support On Demand tested!

Drew Technologies released RAP a remote programming service in 2016. Autologic presents to customers that they have live programming support about the same time. Mike Eyler is in New Jersey, he runs “Eye Can Fix That!” a mobile diagnostic/programming company … Continue reading

Land Rover Jaguar SDD Engineering functions!

We have been able to do some very cool stuff with a seed key generator we developed. The seed enables engineering functions that even the Dealers cannot use! We changed the VIN on a used PCM, we also guided a local … Continue reading

USED PCM installation on a Range Rover

We worked with Diagnostic Solutions, Inc.’s Mike Almond on a Land Rover in Toronto today. Mikes customer was trying to save his customer some $$$ by installing a used pcm into this Rover. You are not supposed to be able to … Continue reading

Hubwerks T-16 Touchless Aligner at Automechanica

Hubwerks debuted the T-16 Touchless wheel aligner at the 2018 Automechanica in Germany. We also introduced the Easy Tread + Easy Cam quick tire tread readers. The booth was packed with interested customers until the very end! We had a lot … Continue reading

Best Autoland Scientech deal ever!

We are super excited to offer the very best trade-in deal ever. We would like to Officially Announce the launch of our new Loyalty Program for current Autoland Scientech customers. You might call this our 2018 AAPEX show special. Buy … Continue reading

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, or Porsche local training

We have been asked many times if we provide training. We have been provided initial training on the factory diagnostic systems we deliver to our customers. Local for Colorado, but not limited to! The time has come to get some … Continue reading

Blue Auto Repair, a mobile diagnostic specialist

Willie Blue and I first worked together in April 2012. He had an i Scan II WT and someone recommended he contact me. That may have been my associate Sid Sperberg from Richmond Virginia. Willie has a very cool and … Continue reading

The first Beissbarth Touchless aligner in USA (sold to a repair shop)

The Beissbarth Touchless wheel aligner is going on a Total Lift Solutions scissor. Both are going into Galloping Gertie’s Garage, a new European shop opening soon in Gig Harbor, WA. To be fair, Tesla has been testing two in their … Continue reading