Ford J-2534 Diagnostic Software

Ford J-2534 Diagnostic Software or FJDS has just come out.  It replaces Ford Module Programming Software

Thanks to LT from Woodbridge Virginia we got some experience with this system.

We used LT’s Cardaq Plus 2 as the connector, we were updating the cars current PCM to newer software.

LT had installed the current107.1 version yesterday, we chose Re-programming and the software did a full circle and offered us a previous choice. We stopped and checked for newer software, downloaded a newer version 107.3.

We started it up and chose reprogramming. Again it looped us back. No success.

We went in and chose programming and it worked fine. After programming advice was to clear all codes, we could not find a button to clear DTC’s. LT only had the one key, it started the car, he checked and cleared codes with another tool.


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