Tech support Friday, again!

Or, the answer to the question, “Why should you all be doing business with Paul and Tyler of Automotive Diagnostic Solutions?”

A great customer from Virginia asked for some help today.

Bill was needing to flash a transmission update to a Jaguar today.

His JLR SDD subscription was too far back from current. It needed to be updated.

Their updates need to be applied subsequently. He was version 143, current was 151.

It would take forever to update version by version so we un-installed 143 and loaded 150 and applied 150.1-5 updates. It was a surprise to see JLR now gets $85 a day!

Bill had not used the SDD yet so I stayed online with him to help perform the re-flash for the transmission.

While we were doing that Joe called from Weston Auto Gallery in Fort Collins, another great customer of ours.

Joe was without a service writer and trying to configure a new ISM on a GL450.

Like a lot of the modules coming from the Dealer in the last couple of years, this module had a basic programming in it and all we needed to do was configure it. We used the TeamViewer app to remote in and guide him through that job.


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