Land Rover SBC brake release

I did not know Land Rovers needed this until just now.

Is in the i Scan-II WT as well as the VeDis II and our newest tool, the i Scan 3!

The path is from the opening page, vehicle diagnostics, Jaguar Land Rover, pick the model series, then the engine, next page look for quick service functions! There it is!

If you do not see it in your tools menu selection, you need to run our easy update procedure in order to get it.

For i Scan II Deluxe, i Scan-II WT, or VeDis II power scanner from 110 VAC wall adapter, or battery or OBDII connected to a car, wire LAN cable to building LAN. Find the “setup” menu choice, and then “update software over Internet” option and a couple more enters and it will update.

The i ScanĀ 3 updates and prints wirelessly, or wired, your choice.

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