The first Beissbarth Touchless aligner in USA (sold to a repair shop)

Tless w 4 post TLS scissor

The Beissbarth Touchless wheel aligner is going on a Total Lift Solutions scissor.

Both are going into Galloping Gertie’s Garage, a new European shop opening soon in Gig Harbor, WA.

To be fair, Tesla has been testing two in their Engineering department for about a year now!

Dan Hubbard owner of Hubwerks got that done.

The Tesla engineers pushed the Hunter aligner off to the side!

They refuse to use it as it cannot repeat alignment readings!

 We are the first to sell the Touchless to a repair shop.

 The Beissbarth wheel machine will be right next to it.

Come see us at SEMA second floor Booth 33271

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