Blue Auto Repair, a mobile diagnostic specialist

Willie Blue and I first worked together in April 2012. He had an i Scan II WT and someone recommended he contact me. That may have been my associate Sid Sperberg from Richmond Virginia. Willie has a very cool and smooth Southern accent that makes me feel real good every time we talk!

We agreed on a price for a diagnostic laptop with all the OE software’s on it that would connect through the i Scan II WT’s IMS package. Since then we have helped him get that system updated once and we helped him again by remotely installing the factory Nissan Consult III + software to his PC. Today we finished the job by getting him the security files and folders installed to it so now his Security button is no longer grey and unclickable!

Are you close to Little Rock and occasionally need some really incredible mobile diagnostics?

CALL WILLIE!  He will help!

Blue Auto Repair    501-912-3508
Willie C Blue
3005 S Tyler St
Little Rock, AR 72204


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