USED PCM installation on a Range Rover

We worked with Diagnostic Solutions, Inc.’s┬áMike Almond on a Land Rover in Toronto today. Mikes customer was trying to save his customer some $$$ by installing a used pcm into this Rover. You are not supposed to be able to do that! We started on the job last night by remotely installing the most current version of the JLR SDD software to Mikes PC. He drove out to the job the next morning and we connected to his PC using Teamviewer. We clicked on the image of the key, left side of first screen on SDD showing all the modules. We then used the VIN and the seed key to generate an engineering mode login. Once that allowed us in, we ran car configuration to configure the module. We completed after programming functions and car started and ran with just one DTC left to sort out in the entertainment system!

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