Support On Demand tested!

Drew Technologies released RAP a remote programming service in 2016.

Autologic presents to customers that they have live programming support about the same time.

Mike Eyler is in New Jersey, he runs “Eye Can Fix That!” a mobile diagnostic/programming company that provides his customers up with remote programming hardware.

AS Tech popped up in Florida selling their remote diagnostic services for pre and post collision scans a couple of years back.

Now the Bosch JPro boasts it allows cross platform communications with their device.

November 2017 Autoland Scientech releases the i Scan 3 with their SOD option for remote application of OEM software over the Internet at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas. This is very different than these other offers. At their introduction RAP was offering help on the easy platforms, so GM, Toyota, Honda, and Ford in the beginning. They turn down jobs after 3 PM. Autoland Scientech is a European focused tool, so our experience is in remote application of the European brands!

The first round of testing proved the distance to the server was too great, servers are relocated now. We did our testing yesterday using an Offline version of ISTA and ISTA-P. We quickly connected our BMW diagnostic PC in Lafayette with two BMW’s at Bimmerhaus Performance in Broomfield yesterday. We went into IHKA on an E series and activated the blower motor, disconnected and moved to an F10. Pulled VIN and DTC’s, we went into FRM and turned on cornering lamps. We then closed ISTA-D and booted into ISTA-P. We pulled the VIN and the software pulled the VO and asked us if we replaced any modules. We stopped there. We still need to test it on coding and programming functions. The Autoland SOD is the first designed to provide for the European cars to completeness.

So, let’s recap these systems.

The RAP 1 or 2  is useless without engaging with a remote tech support specialist. The one thing that is guaranteed is that you will pay something to Drew Technologies every month.

Autologic remote supports their diagnostic device and say that they are programming again from the handheld unit. From users we hear another story, some say they are told by Autologic tech support that for BMW they should have an official ISTA option. That needs to go on another PC. Their Mercedes software is not complete. Jaguar Land Rover requires a subscription to SDD.

Mike Eyler’s system sounds like it is better than the others because it comes from Mike, he is very good.

AS Tech might work, but the jury is still out on that service.

The real benefit of the Autoland Scientech SOD system is that we will do the harder brands. Our device is a stand alone scanner and programmer, so you do not need to rely on remote tech support, and it has programming options independent from dealer PC subscriptions. With the optional IMS feature you will be able to have your own subscriptions with the OE systems and save thousands on factory connectors. When needed, you can call us and we will remotely apply factory softwares, with over ten years of experience doing this, for your benefit. IMS emulates the Mercedes C4, BMW ICOM, VW Audi’s VAS5054A, and the Porsche PIWIS. Our J-2534 menu includes Ford, GM, JLR, Toyota and Lexus, Honda, and Volvo.

The Bosch JPro is completely new, we need to wait and see how they do.

It comes down to independence or dependance. Engage in any remote service choice and you are dependent on them and their schedules. Get the Autoland Scientech Diagnostic system and you are truly independent!

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