Autel fools most shops!

Autel sells a lot of tools. Some people think they are great.

They last for a year, maybe two. So you only spent 3K and then around a thousand on the update.

Then they sell you another one, or another update.

Autel is sometimes said to require you send your tool back for updates, we think they removed functions due to the Ford and all other lawsuits!

Autoland Scientech customers get a package with extended access to updates included in your purchase price, and our hardware is still working great after many years. Our customers used the original VeDis¬† for 5-7 years and they loved it! Then they traded it in, with a two thousand dollar value for the first i Scan, the deluxe, another hardware we supported for 7 years or more! Then Autoland came out with the i SCan II WT in late 2011 and we are just now ending support for that fantastic system in 2019. We allowed another $2000 trade-in value. That’s seven years with the same hardware and most customers never had to pay for any additional subscriptions as Autolands new offer came with many years of updates included.¬†Autoland Scientech is a more affordable option than any other choice. DO THE MATH!



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