ADAS set from Autel? Are you *#@#**X kidding me?

John Anello runs the very first company to do mobile diagnostics! It is called Auto Tech On Wheels and is located in Northern New Jersey. ATOW and ADS have been working together on some projects in the last year. Here we talk about ADAS

Hi John,

Tyler mentioned that you are maybe in the process of purchasing the Autel ADAS set.
I am sure I would not do that at this point. In fact I think others are making a big mistake in doing that!
We are in the process of looking real hard at the choices that will be best for all of the shops that we support.
We are worried about the Autel system not being one that will keep the lawyers away from prosecuting the end users as their targets are not legally obtained.
ADAS is in charge of preventing fatalities, right?
Our market presence revealed a case with a fatality in an Audi A8 that had not been correctly calibrated correctly at an Audi dealer after a collision and repairs. Active Cruise Control was the culprit. The lawyers won that one. The way that works is first the technician was sued, till he ran out of assets.
Then the dealership is sued, they have insurance and assets that will satisfy the settlements.
Last year we where invited to a new company opening in California.
That company is DH Sales LLC.
Their website is
Automotive Diagnostic Solutions is  representing DHSales in our area.
In fact we at Automotive Diagnostic Solutions are the first to sell the Beissbarth Touchless T-16 alignment machine to a repair facility in Gig Harbor Washington!
DHSales is the only authorized Beissbarth distributor in North America.
Beissbarth is the only manufacturer of the legal targets.
Beissbarth was chosen by the OEM’s as the only manufacturer with high enough quality standards to make targets correctly……
Now, if we all print the Beissbarth provided targets from an OE source like Honda and Subaru allows, no issues, right?
Or buy them from Mercedes or Audi…..
Post collision, vehicles must have an alignment check to ensure the center line of thrust is right.
Then you use the target holding rack and level the rails that it rides on in order to be level and square, your golden and you save thousands. In fact this rack could end up being the same rack you will use to adjust the new active headlights as well as ADAS.
All the OE systems have ADAS functions and re-calibration advice built in.
Doing this with anything other than an OEM system is foolish.
Left hand drive or right hand drive? OEM systems know what market your in. Aftermarket systems have trouble even translating from one language to another, and they definitely make mistakes as to what side of the car things are located on.  OE manufacturers in North America are responsible for their mistakes. Aftermarket tools might not be.
We have been following the ADAS system calibration advice for a while now.
My research showed that Autel has already tried reducing the size of the targets to reduce the overall foot print or floor space needed around the vehicle. They where not able to be accurate and they are now back to targets that are sized according to recommendations from OE manufacturers.
The Beissbarth EZ 3D aligner with the Bosch DAS-1000 calibration set is the most satisfying decision for ADAS.
Contact us and we will get this delivered.
I think it will not only stand up to the Lawyers, but it will be maybe 10K less than what Autel is asking for their not so legit offering.
The active headlights are what you and Tyler have been doing so many of on the Mercedes-Benz brand.
Most all new cars in our market have everything they need in them to be active headlights, they have not been turned on yet. They will be turned on soon.
Click the link below to see a system that will satisfy!
Thanks for working with us John!
Paul Callanan
Automotive Diagnostic Solutions
AutoLand ScienTech Official Distributor
Autoland Scientech USA Sales/IMS Tech support contact
Ross-Tech official distributor is our website!
Facebook Autoland Scientech scantool users group   Beissbarth products are here!
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