Compact 3

We have been working on a Mercedes Benz factory Compact 3 for a customer in Charlotte, NC

On and off for several months.

Had to do a clean install of XP Pro svc pck 3. A clean install of DAS XENTRY October of 2011 for him.

I left Windows Automatic Updates on. Why not? Clean install, recent software version, should be OK, right?

Drivers where almost impossible to get as it is a proprietary hardware. Thanks for a link to the driver package from a friend in Greece we got them.

Then I made the mistake of letting Windows update run. Black or blank screen, Window logo would show, then load, then nothing!

Tyler discovered that one of the last security updates we allowed, resulted in the black or blank screen on boot!

Fortunately good work habits, or CYA procedures saved us.

We had made a copy of the install to a separate hard disk drive that had not connected for Windows updates!

So Tyler mounted it and applied the drivers, shut Windows Automatic updates, and every thing is good.

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  1. Hi was wondering if you please possibly help me, we have mercedesbenz compac3 touch screen which the screen is non illuminated. it started showing signs of pink from one side now totally blank thanks inadvance gary warburton.