Tech Support Friday’s

How is it that it’s always Friday’s when we get most ALL the support calls!

A big thanks go out to Tim Porter of Christian Brother’s Automotive in Independence, MO.
We met after he attended a BMW ISTA training course put on by Dominic of Eurosport, Burbank.
Tim had an E70 needing an FRM to be installed. He has been using ISTA via J2534.
At the class he decided he wanted an ICOM.
We sent him a new ICOM Next A, and the MOST connector.
He called this morning and we worked together on this job for a couple of hours.
ISTA-P calculated a programming plan with 12 modules, including two on the MOST bus, AMP and Phone.

Dominic advised us to leave the MOST system intact and not connect the ICOM to the MOST programming port.
ISTA determined VO and did not calculate an expected time estimate.
ISTA asked if we had MOST connected, we lied, and said YES!
Programming of 8 modules started, all went well. MOST modules showed as loading, but we where not connected to the ring, ISTA did not know or care.
Coding of 10 modules went perfectly. ISTA advised that all 12 programmed/coded fine. 🙂

The DME was in the list and this greatly concerned us as this Chassis and engine is in the known issues list.
Tim looked at the bulletins and focused on the words “replaced” regarding this problem and as we where not replacing, Tim decided we would be okay.
That was true.
Took a little less than two hours programming time and everything in the after measures report was green checked and happy when done.
Thanks, Tim! You are a great guy to work with!

While we where doing that we also worked with Steve of Accent Auto, in Austin on replacing a used ABS module on a 2008 Rabbit.
We also helped Jimmy Ramos of Automotive Imports connect with the Toyota Techstream Lite and got a Carman Scan Lite update done and out to UPS.

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