We sold our first scanner in 2000.        astretreiver We started the website in 2007.  Since then we have striven to offer only the highest quality scan tools in the market. This blog will be about our accomplishments and experiences relating to software installations, troubleshooting, problems with cars and tips and tricks to get around issues, as well as our opinions on the top scan tools in the market today. We will be creating some youtube content to work alongside this blog to help the end user more clearly understand the differences between different diagnostic platforms. We carry and support the best diagnostic tools available. As a shop owner, you know that your shops needs are unique. Browse through our site http://www.autodiagcart.com and customize the suite of diagnostic tools that are right for your shop. Got a question? You can contact us, or you can visit our forums and talk to shop owners discussing opinions on scan tools , as well as testimonials about our service. Thanks for visiting !

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