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$200 each

Care Car is a great diagnostic set.

This is a touch screen device with stylus for accurate pointing!

Pick any car brand and get it and OBDII generic for CHEAP! So, if your car is a Chevrolet, you will have all Chevrolet/Buick/GM/Saturn brands and can connect to any brand car with the OBDII Diagnostic Link Connector or DLC.

This device reads much more than Engine and transmission! Live data can be displayed in graph format in most all systems! Saving screenshots is easy as 1, 2, 3. Read and clear all codes, many activation's or output tests. Reset adaptations as well as program some new keys!

We went into a 2010 Ford Escape and read that the passenger side door set the last 4 alarms and cleared those codes easily.

The image on the left is the "full set" the lower picture is the C68 Retail set. OBDI connectors are available.

Updates are free for the first year and are done over the Internet for ease of access. Renew for less than $100 a year to improve functionality.

Why pay Dealer prices to clear your loose gas cap Check Engine Light! We think every car owner should have one of these.

Every motor home or RV should be packing one of these for road trip protection!


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