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    AutoDiagCart can now help you do EVERYTHING!! VAG, Mercedes, Ford, Mazda, Toyota! YES that means coding and programming as well as SCN coding for Mercedes ! VAS SVM/GeKo (in the USA). 
    -We have been helping auto repair shops for thirty + years!
    -OEM full package, J-2534 and PC, or after market tools, what is right for you?

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    Our customers depend on us when they have a car down. We are the first people they call before reaching out to distributor Technical Support!

    -We actually answer calls!

    -Regular hours and Nights, weekends, Holidays.

    -We will help with scanner updates.

    -Replacement parts.

    -Service resets.

    -Software installations.

    -Diagnostic procedures.

    -Industry updates.

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Automotive Diagnostic Solutions is now renting diagnostic systems.

The packages will include all that you need to finish a programming and coding job.

A laptop PC with OE software installed.

A 100 amp Powermax with adjustable voltage programming power supply.

Factory connector or equivalent.

Live Tech support for session.

50" CAT cable with switch and 10/100 USB to LAN adapter

Currently we fully support these brands.

Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Sprinter

BMW, Mini Cooper, Rolls Royce

Jaguar Land Rover No Pathfinder cars until we buy the DoIP connector




Ford with FJDS and FDRS installed as well as a full IDS option

GM GDS cars only for now


Coming soon……

Hyundai Kia

Nissan Infiniti

Volkswagen Audi

FCA group

Call 720-291-7724 now to get more details.

Check out the low prices!

i Scan 3 & SF

The latest product from Autoland Scientech offers the excellent diagnostic coverage we have come to expect, now using the Android operating system.  Below is a list of its new features.  


Reacting to our nation's financial insecurities, Autoland Scientech has authorized distributors to continue this promotion!
Two years warranty on hardware as well as two years of access to weekly updates on any new purchases of the i Scan 3 and the SF!
$4000 + freight.
Let's hook it up people!
Call us at 720-291-7724 to get yours now.
Want a financing deal?


  State of the art hardware design 

  • The 3 has a 10.1 inch High Resolution Touch Screen the SF is 8 inch
  • Software updates are quick and easily done via Wireless internet connection
  • Wireless printing or easy Emailing of all reports and screenshots
  • Support On Demand feature allows for remote application of factory software's via IoT.
  • TeamViewer install allows tech support access into the i Scan 3 for expert help
  • Teamviewer also allows you to remote control the handheld from a nearby PC
  • Bug report button sends directly to engineers for quickest responses   
  • The SF comes with a steering wheel clamp and a kickstand for EZ viewing on flat surface 

User friendly interface 

  • Graphical Menus
  • Live graphing improves diagnostics
  • Oscillogram presentation for easy problem identification
  • Access Autodata, AllData, Identifix, specifications, and user guides right on the device 
  • Instant Google Automotive search from fault code page

Other features!

  • Read/Clear fault codes
  • Diagnose over 40 car and truck brands
  • Automatically pulls VIN
  • Top level packages include all car brands, Truck and Supercar
  • Easy graphing from Live Data stream field
  • Activation / bi-directional control
  • Support On Demand (remote programming with our OE subscription
  • Fast and furious service resets 

Special functions

       ● ECU adaptation for idle speed learning, Programming keys, Calibrating throttle body, Steering          Angle Sensor, Passenger seat weight sensors, Light alignment, Tire Pressure Sensor registration,        Electronic Parking Brake retraction
       ● Coding of replaced ECU's
       ● ECU programming for replacement of ECU or updating current ECU to higher levels without               needing factory subscriptions on Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Ford, Land Rover, and Mazda
       ● Transfer of coding, SCN, and Flow data for Mercedes-Benz 722.9 conductor plates


● I Scan 3 DLX kit is our top package for $6000 USD includes IMS, SOD, J2534, & Supercar!
● I Scan 3 REG kit sells comes without IMS includes all updates for 2 years and 2 year hardware warranty sales price of $4000
● VeDis 3 packages w/o J2534 options but include SOD for only $1999
● SF Euro only for $3300

Support on Demand or SOD

Is a function that allows Autoland Scientech SOD providers to use fully authorized Mercedes-Benz subscriptions over the Internet for programming the cars in your shop! With this on one of our current tools you can say that you are 100% on programming and coding! This is working better than Drew Technologies RAP, or the AS Tech remote service! Fee for SOD is $125 a session.

SOD is now working on these marques!

  • Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Sprinter
  • Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley
  • BMW, Mini Cooper, Rolls Royce (Diagnosis only)
  • Jaguar, Land Rover
  • Porsche PIWIS II, III is in Beta

Interface Module Simulation (IMS)

IMS electronically pretends to be the factory connector for factory diagnostic subscription software that loads to PC.

  • Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter, Smart, Maybach 2001-> Full coverage
  • BMW, Mini Cooper, Rolls Royce, Campagna Motorcraft, 2007-> Full coverage
  • Jaguar, Land Rover 2006-> Full coverage
  • Porsche PIWIS II ->2018
  • Volvo 2003->
  • Audi and Volkswagen Full coverage
  • Honda Full coverage
  • Subaru Select Monitor 4

Below are the images of the factory connectors we emulate!

Mercedes-Benz C6

Mercedes-Benz C4

Porsche PST 2

Porsche PST 3 is in Beta


JLR Pathfinder

VAS 6154A

DST-i for Honda and Subaru

J-2534 1 & 2

  • Volvo ViDa
  • Jaguar Land Rover SDD
  • Toyota Lexus Scion TechStream
  • Honda HDS
  • Subaru SSM 4
  • GM GDS
  • Ford FJDS
  • Ford FDRS

Kia - Global Diagnostic System

hyundai kia gds


Kia Global Diagnostic System(GDS) works with J2534.


72 Hours - $19

1 Month - $150

1 Year - $1500

Key codes per VIN - $14


Contact us for more information.



Autel MaxiSys MS906TS

  • Extraordinarily powerful Samsung Exynos Hexa-core processor
  • 8.0” 1024x768 LED-backlit glossy Multi-Touch capacitive display with IPS technology for ultra-mobility
  • Internal reliable 32GB SSD for better performance
  • Built-in 8-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and flashlight
  • Integrated TPMS antenna module for performing comprehensive TPMS service
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi to access your favorite web resources
  • Unique ergonomic design with rubberized outer protection and a rugged internal housing
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery for up to 14 hours of continuous operation
  • USB, audio and auxiliary ports make it easy to connect accessories
  • Open source Android Operating System for fast boot-up and multitasking
  • Easy and intuitive navigation makes finding what you need simple and fast
  • The most extensive complete system coverage for more than 80 US, Asian and European makes and models
  • Exceptional OE-Level functionality from comprehensive OBDII diagnostics & services to advanced ECU coding
  • Complete capabilities for codes, live data, active test, ECU information, adaptation, matching, coding etc.
  • Smart AutoVIN technology for identifying vehicle easily
  • Uniquely integrated TPMS service application designed for triggering known OEM TPMS sensors, programming Autel MX-Sensor and performing TPMS sensor relearn procedure
  • Automatic system and software updates with real-time push message notifications via internet
  • Instant remote control tech support anytime, anywhere
  • Cloud-based MaxiFix online community provides a vast database of diagnostic and repair tips and proven filed fixes
  • Interactive Data Logging sessions enable direct contact with Autel Technical Support for first-hand troubleshooting of diagnostic bugs and errors
  • One-stop multitasking designed for ideal management of workshop operations to keep all data files, customer info, and vehicle records well organized
  • Enhanced wireless connectivity between the display tablet and VCI device allows greater mobility and ease at work
  • Convenient data management system for managing internal program applications and reviewing data


Contact Us for more information.


Autoland Scientech's Vehicle Power Stabilizer

Autoland Scientech Vehicle Power Stabilizer

PS-M1 Vehicle Power Stabilizer features

  • Easy operation
  • No setup required
  • Automatically regulates voltage output
  • "Warning Mode' avoids over-current and ensures vehicle battery life
  • Safe vehicle ECU programming and diagnosis.
  • Protects the computers in the vehicle during programming
  • Maintains proper current and voltage while diagnosing and/or performing procedures such as calibration.


Contact us today about the PS-M1 system!


General Diagnostic Laptop - Multi-install of Windows XP/7

A lot of diagnostic software is incompatible with other competitor's OEM software.   This causes a lot of our customers to end up with multiple laptop's around the shop to manage.  We offer a computer that has up to 10-15 installation's of Windows

Financing is a click away!




VAG-COM by Ross-Tech

If you work on Volkswagen / Audi and don't have a VAG-COM in your shop, you are missing out on the best diagnostic tool for your money !


Jim Addison
Addison Automotive started business with Paul in 1980. We bought our first AutolandScientech tool from him, a VeDis in 2007. In 2010 we let the Launch sales person talk us into buying their X-431 Ultimate. That was a mistake. In 2012 we traded our VeDis in for the i Scan-II WT. It has been awesome. Our body shop has … read more